Photos of Mother
and Family

folks-jake.jpg (36441 bytes)

Dad and Mom with great grandson
Jacob Yaden - Cathy (Farmer) Dailly's son)
June 1998

agnes-jake.jpg (22742 bytes)

Agnes and Jacob
in front of Mom's new window
Spring 1998

bob82.jpg (15342 bytes)

Dad's 82nd birthday with Jacob
March 1998

mallmob.jpg (24572 bytes)

Dad, Cathy, Marilyn, Mom, Perry
Jeremy, Nick & Larry
Auburn Mall 9/96

momndad.jpg (16232 bytes)

Mom and Dad
circa 1989 (50th anniversary)

50th01.jpg (20809 bytes)

Golden Wedding Anniversary
Mother's relatives

folks97.jpg (14579 bytes)

Agnes and Bob at Paradise Inn, Mt. Rainier
August 1997

agielarry.jpg (11256 bytes)

Larry Hansen Jr. with Grandma at Point Defiance Zoo

agneskids.jpg (32280 bytes)

Mom with my children
Dan, Cathy, David and Belinda
circa 1972

dansbirthday1.jpg (10805 bytes)

Dan Farmer's 1st birthday, June 25, 1967
Great Grandpa Fred is holding Dan
Grandma Aggie and Bob (4 generations)
I only was 26.

68th.jpg (33799 bytes)

Brother John in front of 68th street house
circa 1980+ (last picture before torn down)

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