Other Causes of Cancer

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These are links to web sites that provide information about the possible environmental causes of cancer.
Does Pollution = Cancer?


Carcinogens are Real
 They are like millions of cluster time bombs

This is the authority

  •  Report on Carcinogens - The Report on Carcinogens is mandated by Section 301 (b) (4) of the Public Health Services Act.

Benzene is very bad - a common carcinogen that is prevalent in our daily lives

  • Chinese Study - This is a report I made with Microsoft Excel from a Chinese study of 74,828 workers exposed to benzene verses 35,850 workers not exposed to benzene. It shows the causal relationship of benzene to leukemia and other blood diseases.


 Activism Links

Note: Robert Strom's story was covered by CBS News' 'Sixty Minutes', 'Strom vs Boeing', reported by Mike Wallace March 5, 1989. Click here to download the audio of this show. Robert Strom, is also a survivor of a bone marrow transplant at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  I met him at several ceremonies including the 2005 patient reunion where he gave a copy of the 60 minutes show. We have the same leukemia and similar work histories and exposures to EMP. I left my employment at Boeing in 1964 for work in  Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.  It is a major home port and repair shipyard.  These ships have many RADAR and electronic counter measure systems.

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