P.O. Box 287
Bremerton, WA 98310-0060
(206) 470-7072

Jim Adrian, President 
Betty Quinlan, Exec VP
Gary Lewis, Business Mgr/Chief Rep 

25 September 1991

Mr. George Ford, Head
Employee Management Relations
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
Bremerton, WA 98314-5000


Dear Mr. Ford:

On 24 September 1991, I left a sample of the dust, dirt and grit Unit employees in Code 470 are being subject to and a message that I needed to contact you immediately about an environmental problem in Code 470, second floor of Building 455. By 0900, 25 September, you had not contacted me so I contacted your office. You were still unavailable. I spoke to Mr. Norman Hill about the problem. No corrective actions were forthcoming to resolve the problem, so I took action on my own to protect the health of the Unit employees in the problem area.

The problem is/was the old roofing material is being chipped off the roof of Building 455. The roof structure is made up of 2 x 6 spanned on edge. There is a 1/16th to 1/8th inch crack between each board due to shrinkage. During the chipping process, the dust, dirt, and grit filters down through these crack in wavy clouds. The contractor was required to drape the area and clean up after each day, neither of which occurred. The employees themselves draped the area to no avail. The dust, dirt, and grit penetrated into the work area in spite of the drape. Employees were directed to shut down their computers due to the environment but no consideration to employee health was addressed.

Today C/460, Contract Administration, assured us that the chipping was completed and over layment would be complete by the last shift tonight. C/460 committed to immediately start the contractor on cleaning the Unit work area. 

On 25 September 1991, I contacted Vince Crane, C/106, and explained the situation. Mr. Crane upon reviewing the situation with his staff called the contract administrator and directed that the Job be stopped while employees were in the work area.

Local 12 formally requests the following cleaning procedures to assure our Unit employees receive no further exposure to the unknown hazards of the dust, dirt and grit permeating the work area:

1.  Clean up will begin immediately and continue uninterrupted until completed.

2.  Maximum effort will be made to limit the agitation of the debris and further exposing Unit employees 

3.  All clean up will be by vacuum cleaner. No brushes, brooms, or cloths will be used to dislodge the materials from surfaces unless directly attached to the vacuum device. Surfaces requiring wipe down to dislodge clinging materials shall be vacuumed prior to wiping down.

4.  The drapes over the work areas wi11 be removed only after all surfaces have been vacuumed.

5.  In addition to floors, walls, etc., all books, papers, etc., will be remove from shelves, decks, and other surfaces, vacuumed, and wiped down. In turn, the shelves will be vacuumed and then wiped down. All pages shall be separated to assure the roofing materials have been removed.

6.  All file cabinets and similar storage shall be inspected for dust, dirt, and grit related to the roofing job. All cabinets found to have dust, dirt and/or grit relating to the roofing job shall have all contents removed, all surface vacuumed, and all pages separated to assure the roofing material have been removed. 

7.  Suspended ceiling panels shall be vacuumed prior to removal. All suspended ceiling components shall be vacuumed and wiped down.

8.  All overhead building structure shall be vacuumed and wiped down.

Unit employees will not do the above work unless protected with facemask. If the roofing dust, dirt, and/or grit removal causes the material to become airborne, the Unit employees shall be allowed to vacate the area until the work is complete and the area stabilized. All employees adversely affected by the dust or have respiratory problems will be provided alternate workspaces or administrative leave.

The above conditions arc expected to be immediately implemented or Local 12 formally request immediate removal of the Unit employees from the work area.

If there are any questions, please contact me at 6-7247 or Mr. Gary Lewis at 6-4334.


Jim Adrian