Mr. James Adrian
President, IFPTE
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
Bremerton, WA 98314-5000
Dear Mr. Adrian:
During our 10 July 1992 meeting regarding the Code 400 reorganization, we mutually agreed to survey the bargaining unit employees of the Public Works Crane Engineering and Planning Division regarding their current working conditions in Building 455. After reviewing the Union's proposed questionnaire, I have several concerns:
1. The Questionnaire does not recognize that this is a joint venture between the Employer and the Union. The employee's responses are to be provided strictly to the Union. I do not consider this procedure to be cooperative by any means.
2. The Questionnaire addresses concerns which have been already corrected by the Employer. Within the text of the Questionnaire you have asked employees to respond to issues such as the re-roofing of the building. I believe we agreed to deal with current issues which would be effecting employees working conditions.
3. The Questionnaire is negative and adversarial against the Employer. The employees are asked to respond, for the most part, to strict "yes/no" responses. The questionnaire does not gather data which attempts to assess the employee's feelings regarding his/her current working conditions.
4. The Questionnaire should not address areas regarding employees rights which relate to Workers Compensation Claims or Negotiated Agreement. I do not recall agreeing to address concerns regarding the employee's knowledge of their rights under either of these forums and I am not interested in including them in the Questionnaire.
I have prepared a questionnaire (enclosure 1) which I believe will be acceptable to both parties. The concerns of the Union which were expressed in your 16 June 1992 letter to Mr. George Ford regarding Code 400's reorganization, and 17 June 1992 letter to Norman Hill regarding Habitability Issues are addressed in enclosure 1. Please review the Questionnaire and provide me with your response as appropriate.
David Sell
Encl: (1) Proposed Questionnaire
Copy to: 160, Robert Farmer