My Workers' Compensation Claims

The following is the paper trail of my workers' compensation claims for leukemia and chromosomal injury while working at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

I present my claims in this format to organize my records and to publicly seek advice from any source. Click here for a summary of my records sorted by date.

My claims by file number and date

  1. File Number: A14-273881; May 18, 1992
    - sinus infections the year before I was diagnosed with leukemia

  2. File Number: A14-282174; March 21, 1993
    - my first leukemia claim

  3. File Number: 14-320904; October 21, 1996
    - my second leukemia claim

On 2-2-2006 ECAB ordered that the decision of the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs dated May 4, 2004 is set aside and the case remanded for further action consistent with this order of the Board. Since then, I have been processing my claim

ECAB Decisions - related to my claims

This is about one of the roadblock to filing a claim

I welcome your comments and suggestions.
Bob Farmer
Bremerton,  WA
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