The Farmer's Christmas 2001 Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends: We had a very good year and hope yours was too.

Highlights: Both sons, Dan and David, were married this year. Dave married Lynn in August. Dan and Michele's church wedding will be in Quito Ecuador on December 29. We are very happy to have new daughters and grandchildren to call us Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa. Bob's Dad celebrated his 85th birthday. Carol's Mom celebrated her 86th birthday.

Bob: It has been over 8 years since he had a bone marrow transplant for leukemia. The good news is this year's checkup found no sign of leukemia, even with the most sensitive tests. He continues to volunteer for the Max Foundation as the Webmaster for The Children's Memorial Wall. He has been working with Fr. Jack on the Holy Trinity web site. He is enjoys digital photography and is ready to take lots of photos on our trip to Ecuador. For more about Bob, checkout his web site at

 Carol: I am still taking piano lessons during the school year and currently working on "Ode To Joy", "Scheherazade", and "Night and Day". I played "Cannon in D" at the June recital and since it was the most difficult piece I've ever learned, I was very surprised when I played much better than the previous recitals. I enjoy getting together with friends for our coffee group, lunches, and other fun times. Joanne and I still go to the 5th Ave. musicals in Seattle 4 times a year and enjoy the theatre and a special dinner afterwards. I continue to be a lector at Holy Trinity and a Stephen Minister though I am taking time off and will be back to the special ministry sometime next year. We are very lucky to still have our housekeeper D who is a tremendous help and we work together very well.
It's been great watching the Seattle Mariners this year and I went to the Safeco field to see two of their games. They won 116 games and made it into the playoffs but not good enough to the World Series-Maybe next year.

Cathy and boys - Jeremy and Jacob: Cathy made a career decision to become a nurse though the nursing program at Olympic College here in Bremerton. She received a grant and is just finishing the first quarter. With full time work, college, homework, and her boys, she has a very busy schedule. Jeremy is 14 and in the 8th grade. He plays the clarinet in the advanced band. He enjoys computers and is into games and music like many other kids his age. With the help of a new gym set, he is shaping up into a fine looking young man. Jacob will be 6 on December 11th and loves kindergarten. I have been taking him to swimming lessons. He loves the water and I do too. He enjoys his pets - 2 rats, fish, and the walking sticks and of course our dogs Ashley and J.D. It's wonderful to have Cathy and her boys living with us.

Dan and Michele: They announced their engagement during their 3-week visit this summer. Their church wedding is December 29th in Quito Ecuador. We are very happy for them and all set with tickets and passports to attend their wedding. Their visit was a lot fun, especially hiking on Mt. Rainier and visiting family and friends. Dan is still teaching school and playing in music groups. He is working on his master's degree too. Michele and her mother own and manage clothing stores in Quito. 

Belinda and Larry: They moved from a 2-bedroom condo into a 3-bedroom condo with a fantastic view of the Olympic Mountains. She has a very special boy friend that treats her like a queen. He is a wonderful guy and we are happy for them. Grandson Larry is 11 years old and a 6th grader in Vinland grade school. He is into soccer, baseball, and roller hockey. We see them often and celebrate most holidays, birthdays, and special events together.

Dave and Lynn: They were married on August 4th. The wedding was very nice and we are very happy for them. Lynn has two children - Skilur age7 and Brianna almost 2. Dave is a devoted parent. They live nearby and we share many things together. We enjoy having new grandchildren. I enjoy taking our new grandson Skilur swimming with Jacob at the club. Our new granddaughter Brianna is a bright and pretty little girl.

Special things we did this year
In February, I attend the 60th Wedding anniversary of my uncle and aunt, Bob and Geri Lefaive. I enjoyed visiting many of my cousins and there families for the first time in many years. 
In May, we vacationed in California and Oregon visiting friend and family on the way. We visited Jerry Reiner in Oregon, Bob sister Marilyn in Sunnyvale and the Kennedy's in Bakersfield. On May 11th, we celebrated our 38th anniversary with the Kennedy's. We traveled the coast from Pismo Beach back home to the border of Washington. Highway #1 to Monterey was very rugged and scenic. We spent one day a Hearst Castle. The Redwoods were awesome as always. Every mile of Oregon Coast was magnificent. The weather was very hot inland but perfect on the coast.

December 18-January 3: We will fly to Ecuador for Christmas to celebrate Dan and Michele's wedding. 

We enjoy dancing at the Elk's, and try to get in our daily walks with our dogs and work outs at the Tennis club. I am getting into shape for the trip to Ecuador with Jazzercise, a group workout at the club. Bob recently got back into playing tennis for the first time since his bone marrow transplant.

We hope you enjoy the enclosed photo. Costco digital photo service cropped it too much...Dad's neck and Dave's head. Next year Bob will do better. :)

We love you all and wish you a Blessed Holiday Season filled with love, happiness, peace, and good health.

Bob and Carol

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