The Farmer’s Christmas 1993 Newsletter

This year was a difficult and challenging one for our family. Many of you already know that in February Bob was diagnosed with chronic mylogenic leukemia. On September 9th, Bob had a bone marrow transplantation and spent four weeks at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Hospital and five weeks as their outpatient before being released back to Group Health care. His brother John was a perfect match as a donor. We rented an apartment for five weeks after the transplant to be close to the doctors and hospital. He has his ups and downs, but overall is doing excellent for a bone marrow transplant patient. We thank you for the cards, visits, phone calls, and especially prayers. They were truly appreciated. Bob was told that he might not be able to work for a year after the transplantation. He wants to return to work at the Navy Yard in February when all of his leave is used. He put in for a medical retirement in case he can't work.

We vacationed again at Lake Chelan for two weeks with my brother-in-law and sister, Ralph and Helen. Bob was Ralph's driver on a few long hang gliding flights. Our grandsons Jeremy (6) and Larry (3) went with us. Also we spent some weekends camping closer to home. Bob, his brother John and I went to the Long Beach Kite Festival in August and had a great time.

Bob has slowed down a lot this year because of his health. He loves the sting kites of all kinds. I bought him a four line kite for his birthday. His favorites are the fighter kites, many of which I made for him. Before the transplant, Bob and I would play tennis every Tuesday evening at the Tennis Club, though we haven't played yet since coming home.

I'm not working outside the home this year, but I have a busy schedule keeping up with everything around the house. I still enjoy baking, reading, playing my piano, sharing with friends and being a lector at our church. My friend Joanne Kettner and I have fun going to musicals, ballets, and other special events. In March, I made a fun and exciting trip to Reno with relatives and friends, including my Mother and brother Frank and his wife Dorothy. I even encouraged my Mom to get a massage with me while there - it was her first and it was heavenly. Mom, Dorothy and I saw Jack Jones perform and he was very entertaining. It's difficult for me lately as my piano teacher, Marti Thatcher, passed away in October and I'm waiting for a replacement. She was one in million. It will be hard to change to a new teacher, but I will because there is much more that I want to learn. It's great that I still have "D" as a housekeeper once a week and we work on big projects together.

Cathy and Mike and Jeremy are still close to us so we see them often. Jeremy is in the first grade and doing great. Cathy still has day care in her home. Most of us in the family have had car problems lately - one thing or another. Mike is a sheet metal worker and works in this area and also travels a distance to some job sites.

Dan is still in Colorado, but wants to move to the Pacific N.W. sometime next year. He is home for a nine day visit with us and to share Thanksgiving with the family. Like last year he took a seven week tour to Japan, Korea, Guam, and Johnston Atoll entertaining our service men and women. We have some of Dan's tapes and enjoy listening to them. He and Mark are selling a just completed original tape of their songs.

Belinda has 6 years experience working at John Patrick's and does an excellent job. Nice to have a beautician in the family. Belinda, Larry and Larry Jr. are still living close by also. It's great to have both grandsons here so we can see them often-they are so special.

Dave lives at home and still works at St. Vincent de Paul. He plays tennis often and enters the 
tournaments at the Tennis Club. He's going to Disneyland with his friend Johnny and his family in December. In August, he flew to Colorado to see Dan.

We still have our dog ,JD, and cockatiels, Pumpkin and Fantasia. They give and take lot's of love.

May you have a Blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with love, happiness, peace, and good health.

Bob, Carol, and David