The Farmer’s Christmas 1994 Newsletter

It's been a year since Bob's bone marrow transplant. He continues to get better every day. His lifestyle is less active, but he still enjoys camping, kite flying and hacking with his computer. His doctors just cleared him to use the hot tub and swimming pool. Bob and I played tennis for the first time in over a year. The grand children, Larry (4), Jeremy (7), and also Destiny (7) enjoy going swimming with him. Recently he even took me dancing. Last April, he took a medical retirement, but hopes to go back to work by next April.

My "trying time" started with toe surgery that slowed me a bit. It is amazing how a "toe" can affect one's life. In June, from the outcome of a cat scan, I was told I had an enlarged pancreas with a possible tumor and maybe cancer. This was a very scary time for me. Surgery found no tumor so I feel very lucky. The doctor wasn't sure why the pancreas appeared enlarged. The intestines were out of place, which they promptly fixed and sewed me up again. We choose to believe it was a miracle. My family and friends were a big help during this time. Cathy, "D" (our housekeeper), and I did a lot of landscaping and beautification to our yard this summer. My friend Eileen and I take piano lessons from a superb piano teacher, Tal, who is the son of our previous teacher, Martha, who passed away last year. I made one trip to Reno with Joanne Honeywell and another trip to Lake Tahoe with Joanne Ketner and Eileen Hains. It was great to have others wait on us!

Our annual Chelan trip was canceled because of my surgery in June. We did go camping several times with the motor home on weekends in late spring. In August, we took Jeremy for five days to the Long Beach Kite Festival. That has always been fun for us.

Cathy is very busy with her day care kids. Dave has been living with her since February. She has a new boyfriend, Bud Yaden, who grew up in our neighborhood and is the brother of one of Belinda's best friends, Jean. He works at the Navy Yard and has a seven year old daughter, Destiny (looks like Jeremy may have new sister). I'll tell you more about it next year. Cathy enjoys camping, mountain climbing in the Olympics, and river rafting. Jeremy likes being a 2nd grader. He loves his pets and is active with swimming and CCD at church.

Dan made a two-month tour this fall of Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain with the music group Sangria-Latino. He even saw the Pope when he was in Rome on this tour. Next January he travels with a youth group from his church to the World Youth Day celebration in Manila, Philippines. The Pope will be there also. He will have seen the Pope three times in three years. Last year he saw the Pope in Denver when World Youth Day was held there. Music and the church are still his life. He started a large youth choir at his church last year.

Belinda and little Larry have been living with us since January. She still works at John Patrick's and we love having a hair stylist in our home. She and Larry vacationed in California last spring. She visited with her friend Jean Blake in Petaluma and Aunt Marilyn in Sunnyvale. Also, she spent a few days in San Diego. Her new boyfriend Robert Bounds is very special in her life. Larry goes to preschool, Sunday school and swimming lessons. We enjoy having them live with us. Belinda stays in shape with yoga and by swimming and riding her exercise bike 

Dave still works for St. Vincent de Paul. He went to Disneyland, Reno, and Colorado (to visit Dan) this year. Tennis has been his sport, but he finds that working and getting older (25) is slowing him down. At church, he looks very good singing in the guitar group led by our long time friends, Dave and Coleen Thomas.

Our pets and pests this year are, JD the wiener dog, Fantasia the cockatiel and Larry's new pet, Tommy the rat.

May you have a Blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with love, happiness, peace, and good health.

Bob, Carol, and David