The Farmer’s Christmas 1998 Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends: We share our family news again and enjoy your cards and letters too.

News: We lost Bob's Mother, Agnes, on September 6th and his Aunt Mary a few days later. We miss them so much this Christmas season. Bob made a Memorial Web Site at:

New arrivals and glad news: My sister Marion's daughters both had babies this year. Lynn and Jim had a girl and Theresa and Jim had a boy. On Bob side, Lana (Marilyn's daughter) and Andy had a baby boy.

Carol’s family: My Mother is now in an assisted living home in Lynnwood with a very caring and loving couple. We are thankful, as it is much better than the nursing home where she stayed for seven months. In March we celebrated my great-aunt Helga’s 100th birthday

Bob’s family: Bob's Dad is living in Tenino with brother Perry, Cathy and Nicholas. They put up a new mobile home on their property so Dad could have his own space. In the near future, they will sell Bob's folks home in Tacoma. Nicholas is just recovering from a very serious bone infection in one of his legs.

Carol: Last Spring I bought a beautiful 97 red Mercury Sable and I love it. I am still taking piano lessons and love my music. My friend Joanne and I enjoy going to musicals at the Fifth Avenue in Seattle. I am busy with my church as a lector and a Stephen Minister. Every weekend we join our friends for dancing at the Elks Club. Recently I've been learning more about computers with Bob as my technical support.

Bob: It is more than five years since Bob's bone marrow transplant. His story will be on the front page of the winter issue of the *Northwest Health Magazine, He enjoys computing, dancing, snow skiing, hang gliding, tennis, and flying kites. In August, Bob started working part time at Olympic College as a computer technician. He also works for the MAX Foundation whose mission is to help Latino children with leukemia access treatment. He is the foundation’s webmaster of the Children’s memorial Wall. In June, he did the Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society. He wishes to thank family and friends for their support. Please check out his personal web site at:

*Note: We just received the Winter 1999 issue of Northwest Health magazine. Click here to see the front cover.
A very pleasant part of my Christmas Eve.
Bob Farmer 12-24-1998

Cathy, Jeremy, and Jake: They have been with us for 1 1 /2 years. Cathy works at a Laundromat and hopes to get more hours there. Jeremy, a 6th grader enjoys his roller hockey and plays the clarinet a school. Jake was three on December 11th. He is a busy little one and always eager to learn new things. Recently he even

learned how to use Bob's computers. Cathy and her boy friend, Shaun, took eight children to the Roller Hockey Nationals in Des Moines, Iowa. They did very well again this year as their teams won a Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal in their age groups. The children are 8 to 13 plus little Jake. Roller Hockey is a big part of their life.

Belinda, Robert, and Larry: Belinda has been at Jeanne Renee Salon in Silverdale for one year. Larry, a third grader, also enjoys roller hockey, bike riding, and snow boarding. Larry also went to the Roller Hockey Nationals with Cathy and Shaun.

Dan: Since September 1996, Dan has been a Peace Corps volunteer teacher in Mlowe, Malawi, Africa. He is on his way home now. What an experience for him! Now he is with 2 Peace Corps volunteer friends traveling though Africa and Europe. They plan to spend Christmas on the Island of Cyprus with the family of one of the group. He will arrive home about January 9th. Our last contact was on December 8th via a phone call from South Africa near the border of Namibia.

Dave: He works hard for St. Vincent de Paul. He still loves tennis and often enters tournaments. He has lots of friends and enjoys being Uncle Dave to Jeremy, Larry, and Jacob. We are a very close family with Cathy and kids also living under the same roof.

Vacations and Travel: Bob and I had a great time on a 12-day trip to Santa Cruz, California to attend the public wedding of our niece Lisa Etherington to Rias, a wonderful young man They are a beautiful couple. The ceremony was a mixture of Western and East Indian cultures. On the way, we stopped at the Grotto in Portland and visited the Reiners. In Eugene we had lunch with my Uncle Clayton and Aunt Helen. We also saw Bob's friend Joe Ryan. In Medford we surprised my Uncle Nig and had a fun time sharing memories. It has been many years since our last visit to Medford. While in the Bay area, we visited Carmel, Monterey, San Francisco Wharf, and different missions. On the way, home we stopped at the Redwood's, Crater Lake, the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood where we spent a few days of our honeymoon 35 years ago. It was nice to get away-just the two of us. We took a few trips to Dog Mt, where Bob hang glides and also a few day trips to our beautiful Mt. Rainier with Bob’s Dad

Pets: JD, (12-year-old wiener dog) and Fantasia (9-year-old cockatiel) Cathy's two cats and Jeremy' s hamster are doing fine. We lost Jeremy’s cat Fluffy when she was run over in front of our house. We miss Fluffy.

We wish you a Blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with love, happiness, peace, and good health.

Bob, Carol, Cathy, David, Jeremy and Jacob