The Farmer's Christmas 1999 Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends: We share our family news again and enjoy your cards and letters too. 

This year we lost my Dad's brother, Nig Lefaive and my Mom's brother, Lloyd Hoff, Bob's cousin, Mike Connors, Bob's brother-in-law Jim Gillespie's mother, and many friends. It has been over a year since we lost Bob's Mother Agnes and Aunt Mary. This is their new web site address: We miss them dearly.
New arrivals and glad news: Bob's sister Carole and brother-in-law Jim are proud grandparents. Tia was born this spring. I attended my cousin Gary and his bride Maureen's wedding in Reno. My brother's son Tom and bride Stephanie were married in January.

Carol's Family: My Mother is still in an assisted living home in Lynnwood, but has been in and out of the hospital with serious health problems. We are very concerned. My great-aunt Helga celebrated her 101st birthday in March. My Brother Frank and his bride Dorothy celebrated her 50th birthday with a trip to Hawaii.

Bob's Family: Bob's Dad lives in Tenino with Brother Perry, Cathy, and Nicholas. They have made their home a very nice place for Dad. We enjoyed a visit from Bob's sister Carole and her husband Jim from Virginia with their son Mark from Alaska. Sister Marilyn from California has been able to visit often. We appreciate her kindness and generosity to help Perry with Dad.

Carol: Each day I am busy with grandchildren and family. Jeremy and Jacob have been living with us since 1997. It is fun to watch them grow up. We play cards, go camping, attend Mariners baseball games, and go to their school and sports events. I enjoy playing my piano and going to musicals at the Fifth Avenue. I am working on Song Sung Blue, Soldier March and They Call the Wind Mariah. At church I serve as a lector and Stephen Minister. I am getting better on the computer - doing email and searching the web with Bob's technical support. 

Bob: It is more than six years since Bob's bone marrow transplant. His (our) story was on the front page of the Winter 98/99 issue of the Northwest Health Group Magazine.  It has been over a year since he went back to work. He is a computer technician at Olympic College and even worked a 2nd job last Spring for a contractor in the Navy Yard. He has a personal web site at: He is the webmaster of the Children's Memorial Wall at:

Cathy, Jeremy, and Jake:
They live with us and are a joy to be with. Jeremy is a 7th grader. Jake was just four on December 11th. They all went to the Roller Hockey Nationals again this year. Jeremy's team won the Gold medal. Roller Hockey is a big part of their life. They have been national champions several times.

Belinda and Larry: She still has her own business as a beautician in a Silverdale salon. Larry is a 4th grader. He enjoys roller hockey, bike riding, and snow boarding. Larry also went to the Roller Hockey Nationals. Larry made the winning goal for the Bronze Medal. Wow! 2 big winners in our family.

Dan: In January he spent several weeks with us after completing his Peace Corps tour. He then returned to Colorado to work and prepare for going back to college to get his master's degree. During the summer he changed his plans when he was offered a job in Quito, Ecuador as an 8th grade teacher. He is home for Christmas - very special for us. 

Dave: He works hard for St. Vincent de Paul. He does well in tennis and often enters tournaments. He has lots of friends and enjoys being Uncle Dave to Jeremy, Larry, and Jacob.

Fun, Vacations, and Travel: On most weekends we join our friends to dance at the Elks Club. Last winter, Cathy, Dan, Belinda Larry, Bob, and I went skiing. It was the first time for me to ski in more than 20 yrs. I found the chair lifts to be scary. In August, Bob and l took Jeremy to the Long Beach Kite festival- lots of fun. We went on many day trips to Mt. Rainier, Olympic Mts. Dog Mt., and the Puyallup Fair. Bob, Cathy, and Belinda did the scary bungee ejection seat ride at the fair. We have it on video. We also spent a nice weekend with my family members in Medford at my Uncle Nig's funeral. Some of us have not seen each other in more than 40 years. We learned that my cousin Tom retired from his job at Custer State Park to be the manager of a new Buffalo ranch for Ted Turner and Jane Fonda in South Dakota. 

Pets: JD, (13-year-old wiener dog), Ashley (a 8-month-old wiener dog) and Fantasia (10-year-old cockatiel). There is still one cat - Bossy. We think Mittens ran away to a house without dogs and better food.

Christmas weekend: We are busy finishing the rounds between our family members. We did Christmas Eve here, Christmas Day with my family in Seattle. We had a fantastic visit with my Mom. With Dan, we sang Christmas songs with Mom. It was a special treat. Tomorrow we visit with Bob's family. It is a wonderful Christmas for us.

We wish you a Blessed Holiday Season filled 
with love, happiness, peace, and good health.

Bob, Carol, Cathy, David, Jeremy and Jacob

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