From: kc7mar
Sent: Friday, April 12, 2002 05:47 PM

Subject: Approx 2074.86 nm to go

Hi Everyone
Finally I get a chance to sit down and send some email. It takes quite a bit of time for 2 people to keep the boat running and to do ordinary things we all do and get enough 

We have figured out a 3 1/2 hr on 3 1/2 hr off watch schedule. With a half hour in between each watch for the watch person to get ready. It seems to be working quite well, we are fairly well rested and alert. Smokey has fixed our cd player so we can have music on watch. That makes a big difference. Just so I don't sing too loud.

We have finally reached the northwest trade winds. This means we might finally make some headway in the right direction. The only downside is we are traveling somewhat downwind, so the ride is a bit wobbly. I am dancing night and day now. This morning we are at 15-17-18N, 115-11-25W Approx 2074.86 nm to go. Of course, we have to make a few course corrections to get there.

The nights are absolutely beautiful when to sky is clear. Seems like u could touch the stars. The moon rising is really spectacular. On our way down the coast in 95 , the first time I saw the moon rise, I thought it was a H U G E ship. Scared the u know what out of me. Now I can recognize the moon and some of the constellations. The water is a deep blue.

We had several visits from nature, while out here. Smokey has found dead squid and flying fish in am when he inspects decks forward. Some people on the nets have reported flying fish catches in the cockpit an "Maryniak"...Dave and Cathy" an enjoyable breakfast. Yesterday, we were visited by boobies. They love to land on our bow pulpit and take a ride. 

I have a feeling we will get the record for longest passage. Cathy and Dave, we hope we can meet up with u when u are in Tahiti and Moorea, but each day is a new challenge out here. Can't plan very far ahead.

If anyone has a ham or ssb radio and wants to hear or talk to us in pm, Pacific Seafarer's Net on 14313 KHZ starts with warm up at 0330 utc Roll call follows at 0430 UTX. We are toward the end of the roll call. At that time, they ask for any incoming or outgoing traffic. Smokey's call sign is KC7MAR. U esp Phillip might want to use this.

Well, guess that's it for now
Love, Smokey and Sonia