From: kc7mar
Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2002 4:12 PM
Subject: Update From Charisma

Hi Dear Family and Friends,
Sorry to have to make this general as usual, but Smokey says it saves on power.

I think today is Mother's Day in USA, so happy day to all u mothers out there. I am personally thinking of my 2 wonderful children? Kevin and Cathy and my adopted son-in-law Dave today. Miss all u guys, but know u are having a good time too.

This last week has been great. Smokey fixed engine fuel line stoppage (we hope), reinstalled jack lines, tightened fan belt, fixed wind vane (we hope) and in general we have put the boat back together getting ready for new passage.

Weather has been beautiful. Didn't pay to go on tour for waterfall, because there is a drought here and no waterfall. We did take a day to do a tour of our own on foot one day. Took many pictures with our digital camera-we love it. We saw ruins of area, a cathedral. Really beautiful gardens there and carvings of wood. Hiked all the way to other side of town and walked uphill to a Hotel Keikahanui Inn where we gave our $10 for 2 beers. Oh forgot to mention, the first day we went into town we had a hamburger on wonderful french bun. The view from the Inn is spectacular. Before we leave here, we plan to go to dinner but not sure where.

Went to market yesterday (Saturday) It opens at 4;30 am. Rather interesting landing dingy and shopping with a flashlight. We did get cabbage, green onions (no big onions), tomatoes, cucumbers, won tons (snack) Pizza (snack) and something similar to beignets that u get in New Orleans. We had lamb and green beans for dinner last night. Quite good!! Cheapest liquor we can find here is cardboard wine at $4.00. We will stock up and also get some Hinano beer.

Swimming off boat here is not good as there is hammerhead sharks. Smokey decided to try one night and as he was getting out of the water he stepped on something solid. I don't think so!!!!

We plan to leave Tuesday or Wednesday for the Tuamotus. We will stop at two atolls called Manihi and Ahe on our way to Rangiroa unless we hear that Cathy and Dave might join us in Rangiroa then we will go straight through. It is about 600 miles to Rangiroa, so this will be a short hop for us compared to 31 days from Puerto Vallarta. Some boats ahead of us have experience strong weather. With winds up to 40 from wrong direction NW. Unusual year-hear it is starting to clear, so hope we get into nice passage.

Personal message 

Cathy and Dave-hope u are enjoying Grand Canyon. Let us know plans soon. I have a feeling u will go on and go to Moorea. It is your honeymoon. Happy u are enjoying yourself.
If u do go to Moorea, u might meet a boat there called Scheherazade with Luis, Ramona and Catalina aboard. Another Hans Christian. Catalina is 2 yrs old. Also another boat Rag N Dragon. We know them from Puerta Vallarta and La Paz.
Kevin thinking of u too today-take care and enjoy those ballgames

Phillip, we will be signing onto Sea Farers Net when we are underway again, so maybe we can talk to u some day this week.

Take Care and love to all of u
Sonia and Smokey (Mom and Dad)
PS If any of u happen to be by a West Marine Store, we are mentioned in April issue of Latitude 38 magazine. Would love to see article one day!