From: kc7mar
Sent: Friday, May 17, 2002 11:44 PM

Dear Friends and Family,
We are on our way to the Tuamotus. Winds are flooky and light, so it might be awhile. We actually made 40 miles yesterday after starting about 11am local time.

Had a great time in Nuka Hiva. Time to go where we can go swimming and snorkeling.

Not much detail this week, I will try to answer email questions from many of u.

Victory and La Oltra-Check procedures are simple compared to Mexico. We had to post $1000 bond each and go through procedure to extend stay from 1 -3 months in French Polynesia. Worse prob was wait in bank. As far as supplies in Nuka Hive, hard to believe what is available. Liquor is expensive, we have graduated to beer around $2 a bottle and cheap wine in cardboard boxes. Wouldn't plan on reprovisioning here, but we probably dropped about $200 on food supplies. We aren't living in Marina now. Even found Sauerkraut here. Sorry to hear about all the thefts at laundry at Paradise Village-makes u wonder. I started doing my own laundry after losing a favorite shirt. Hope the "ole F---" had a nice birthday. Happy belated birthday Roger. Can't believe u are 71-Don't look it!! 

Nimitz did fine on trip. I thought I had mentioned him. He got so used to sleeping with us, (he was on leash at night) in quarter berth with person on watch. I noticed his appetite as well as our picked up after we anchored. He was really impressed with Hammerhead Sharks in anchorage, he ran down below like a bat out of hell.

Cathy could u pass this one to Ruth and Harry at new address. Glad to hear u are having a great "second honeymoon" in Florida. Sorry we won't make cruise, as we are on our own cruise (ha ha)

Midge and Rex- hope u have made it to Hawaii and enjoyed your trip. Where will u moor your boat? As far as anchoring room, there were several boats in Nuka Hive, but many have moved on and are all spread out between the Marquesas and points south.

Wandering Roo-Glad bottom job worked out so well, always a butterflies in stomach time. Sounds hotter in Mexico then here. Sorry Fennleigh is fading. Just like watching one of your family members just waste away. She is such a precious cat, hope she isn't suffering much. 

Lone Star-We didn't get a chance to stop at Danielle's bay, but understand it is still a great place. There is an older woman there who is in pain, needs Ibuprofen if cruisers are going that way. What Indian in the store? There are 3 grocery stores now, a bank, a hardware store that reminds me of Coast to Coast. Sounds like it changed in 20 yrs. It was a great surprise to me.

Scheherazade, u are probably in Riatate by now. Sorry we missed u- When will u return? 
Guess that's about it for now, sorry couldn't do individual emails
Take Care
Sonia and Smokey