From: kc7mar
Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 11:49 AM
Subject: Update From Charisma - May 27, Glad to Be Here

Hi Dear Family and Friends,
We have finally arrived at Manihi Atoll on May 25. We were really happy to arrive. It took 9 days to do a 4 day voyage. We experienced light to zero winds most of the time. It made for beautiful relaxing days, but frustrating because we thought we would never get here. At least it gave Smokey time to play with 3 weather fax programs on the computer and practice collecting running sun fixes with his sextant. He was correct within a few miles most of the time. It also, gave us time to get on each others nerves (ha ha) Reference previous note about making sure your relationship is solid before heading on a cruise around the world with your spouse or significant other.

Lone Star (Stephanie) we received your email about the time the wind broke loose. We had just gotten a little, so we raised all our sails, jib, main and staysail. Can u believe, we immediately bought down staysail. Later on the wind got up into high 30's and we had to double reef main at midnight-that was fun! I said my prayers!! Sounds like u enjoyed trip to Tucson ( I was jealous about that time). When all this was going on, I was wishing I was back in Mexico dogging hurricanes. Would have loved Clams Erotica. Pls send our love and prayers to Pete and Linda on Marara.

The last two days have made this trip worthwhile. This place was a great surprise to me. Thought it would be like the Blue Lagoon (movie). The atoll is huge, lots of anchoring room and areas to snorkel and beach to explore. There is 2 grocery stores in town we understand. Tomorrow we make a beer run (the universal drink). No matter where u go in the world u can find beer. We did a 2 hr snorkel today around 3 bomies. Surprised there wasn't more live coral. Saw a lot of the same fish as Mexico, but water is clearer. We both were our lycra wet suits and were glad we did as we got a bit cold. So GOOD to be in the water again. Bob and Stephanie. Both of u seemed concerned about us traveling the atolls. This is the only one we plan to visit and so far everything is ok. Had lot of advise and help about when to enter and how to get to anchorage. Really not a problem. Hope exiting is the same.

Pat (Victory) u are more than welcome to document my emails if they aren't too boring. Sorry I don't paint a bed of roses, but as in life, there are good days and bad. Glad u found your dress. Bet u are getting in great shape swimming. Tell Vicki hi for me. As for our camera, we love it. We save pictures on burnable cds not on hard drive so not sure how to backup.

Bill (Daydreams 11) Glad u are getting ideas about traveling. Charleys Charts have been very helpful as well as our new cart (thanks again) 

Cathy and Dave, u are probably home by now. Hope u enjoyed your entire vacation, sorry we couldn't join u. but as u can tell it was impossible.

Kevin, how are u doing this week

Bob Farmer has added another web page called Tracking Charisma. It can be found at You will see it before we will if u are interested. Thank u Bob

Well, time to go and get a glass of wine and go swimming. Take care and keep us in your email.

Sonia and Smokey (Mom and Dad)