From: kc7mar
Sent: Saturday, May 04, 2002 2:30 AM

Subject: S/V Charisma - 82 miles to go. YES YES YES!

Hi Dear Family and Friends
Have received mucho email from u guys and we really are enjoying it. Sorry we can't do individual replies right now, but when we get settled in and relaxed we can do more of that.

Today is May 3rd. While I am thinking of it, Dawn, "Little Miss" thank u for the sweet note and beautiful Mexican pearls. Yes, I did wait til May 1 to open them and they were a great addition to a dreary day as u will see in the following. 

We are at 08 deg 14 min S 138 degrees 54 min W as of this minute. Only 82 k miles to go and we are happy campers.

We crossed the equator on 4/26 about 9:00 AM We toasted King Neptune with champagne. Gave a little to the sea in his honor and so he would take care of us. With this, we had champagne stuffed olives. Forget the romance, we are too tired. Ha Ha
I think it is a good idea to have your relationship intact before crossing the ocean together alone in a sailboat. In my opinion, this like having a baby will not improve a bad relationship!!! I think Smokey and I are still speaking to each other. Good days and bad days.

This last week, we had a few bad days. Our engine decided to cough and sputter and die. After 3 days of trying everything, Smokey finally figured out a clogged fuel line into one of our tanks. One tank was completely empty and other completely full. We filled empty one and are using that one to keep batteries charged and get us to anchorage. Thank God, sailing has been pretty good and we do get some solar power during the day for refrigeration and batteries. Not enough to send email though. that's why this is day late. 

When we get into port (probably tomorrow) we have numerous repairs to take care of before we move on. Reinstall lazy jacks (they are spaghetti right now) Reinstall radar reflector, and flag halyard. No problem with man overboard pole-it went overboard a few days ago. Biggy of course is the engine. So, Cathy and Dave, not sure when we will be where, but will keep u informed by email. Hope we get to enjoy Marquesas a bit- Will let u know.

Here are some personal notes

Gil and Christina-thank u for nice note about web page. Hope your daughter has a nice wedding in PV Gil. Christina, your new job sounds great. Good idea to help other people with problems that u understand in everyday life. Would like to see Kevin do something like that someday. 

Lone Star-We are doing fine with food and water. Almost there and only on second tank of water. Still have another tank and 4 jerry jugs left. Even though we can't swim, we take salt water sponge baths and spray with fresh water from spray bottle. Sorry about your engine and being stuck in one place for awhile, but maybe it is for best. Necessary to have engine in my opinion (we are not purist as u know-ha ha) We only have 1 3/4 bottles of Ron Palmas left boo, hoo-now thats something to worry about!

Rag N Dragon Diane-thanks for nice note-yes I believe a lot of people thought they would have more leisure time. We feel like a slave to boat at times. We also feel like we live in washing machine. Lot more wild seas and wind then we expected. Hope to see u in Tahiti.

Victory-tell everyone hello for us and pls send Cat Meow's email address, and tell them we haven't forgotten them