From: kc7mar
Sent: Sunday, June 09, 2002 06:52 PM

Subject: Update From Charisma June 3, 2002

Hi Dear Family and Friends,
We Left The Tuomotus on June 1 heading to Tahiti. We had a great sail last night (actually had wind) We are now at 16 degrees 14 minutes 38 S, 147 degrees 39 minutes 37 W. About 123 km from Tahiti.

To continue our story to Manihi Atoll, the day after we went snorkeling, we walked about 1 1/2 miles along the beach and in the tidal pools to the village. I could have spent days just looking behind and under every little piece of dead coral. The blue razor clams (at least it looked like them) embedded in the rock was esp beautiful. We took a lot of pictures. Well as usual< I was amazed at the village. Quite a few homes of various types from shacks to what kind of reminded me of the home I grew up in in Louisiana. These were built-up on stacks of rock to keep water out when it floods. People all seemed nice, but definitely a language barrier. Can't understand why all these people speak French (JOKE). The store amazed me too. First thing I saw was 2 huge stacks of Heinekens beer cases. One cans, one bottles. Guess they have their priorities set here. Of course at $60 a case of 24, u don't buy much. We bought a $45 carton of wine equal to 5.10 liters. Don't get the idea that all we do is drink-we have plenty of canned food aboard. I also collected a few blisters on my feet on this walk. Anyone recommend some good beach shoes, I haven't found the perfect pair yet.

Another thing I discovered, I think pricing here is 2 types. Gringo and homefolk. We bought 10 beers and a bottle of wine the day we did our walk. When we got home, we realized we hadn't asked how much wine was. Well we figured out we were charged equal to $23 American. Best to ask ahead of time. Tasted just like $6 French wine we bought in Mexico.

The next day, we took dingy to beach and walked to ocean side to shell. Not too much there that we didn't have examples of from Mexico. We still enjoyed ourselves though. Impressive breakers. 

There were 3 boats in here with us. By Chance, Lil Gem and North Rode. Herron's Flight came in day before we left. One thing I have noticed on this voyage. Many people buddy boat and just mostly hang with their crowd. I am getting hungry for companionship other than Smokey and Nimitz sometimes. Really enjoy doing email

You can get black pearls there. Understand u can trade for them, but think they prefer money. There are a few pearl farms there, but we didn't get a chance to visit. Prices seem to be $20 for not so good quality to $60 for excellent quality-rumor I heard on radio (VHF)

The last night at the atoll, we barbecued a piece of beef we bought in Nuka Hive. It was very tasty, but despite marinating it for quiet a while, it was tough in thicker parts.

Getting the anchor up was quite a feat when we decided to leave. We had to motor up on it back off etc. We were luckier than Lil Gem and North Rode. Lil Gem had to dive on both boats to get chain from around coral bomies. Everyone escaped intact though. Going through the pass is always a challenge. It is best to go at slack tide an hour after high or low tide. Still quite a current going through there though

We deployed our meat hook (fishing gear) to try and catch a fish yesterday. When Smokey wakes up from nap, we will do it today too. Maybe we will catch a fish for dinner. Not too big though!!

The race is on to see if we get to Tahiti before we run out of fuel, water and propane. Think it is time to hit the big city.

Well that's about it for now.
Take Care
Sonia, Smokey and Nimitz (Mom and Dad)
Below are some personal notes:

Wandering Roo-Sorry to hear about diesel tanks. We need to get ours polished soon. Radar is expensive and sometimes hard to install. Glad u found problems before leaving Marina. Hard to solve out here. I hope Fennleigh is doing better. Nimitz is his same onrey self. Smokey had sniffles this morn, thought he might be developing a allergy to Nimitz. Hope not. Say helo to Scott and Rosie. Boy they will have their hands full with 2 kids and now twins on the way. 

BillC-Thanks for forwarding email to Henry-I don't seem to handwrite any more. We have heard Island Nomad on Sea Farers Net. We check in whenever we are underway.

Sara-Good to hear from u. What is subject of novel your son is writing. Sounds like he is doing well. Where are u sending picture? If here, can't receive attachments, if aol address, it will be quite a while before we can read. We were so sorry to have missed Cathy and Dave might have seen some of their picture then.

Tom Walker-we have added your address to list. If too much info just let us know.

Cat's Meow-Sorry just now starting to write to u. Lost your address and had to get from Victory. Glad u are enjoying the sea. Sometimes I miss it. Tell Sundance and Joyful hello for us. When Martin called Smokey, we didn't realize who he was at first or we would have tried to change channels.

Nooka Rose and Namche, Sorry I forgot to add your addresses until now. Hope u are all doing well and havin fun.