From: kc7mar
Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2002 9:33 PM
Subject: We have arrived

Hi All of U,
After 31 days at sea, we finally made it to the island paradise of Nuka Hiva, Taiohae Bay. I had bet 30 days, one day different. Too bad I didn't have money on it. As u recall from previous messages, it was a busy trip-not as much leisure as we had hoped. We were very glad to arrived here. Even the arrival was interesting. As we were getting closer, the engine died again. Had to wait til calmer waters to re-bleed the thing. So, I had to sail part of way into anchorage while Smokey did the dirty thing. Finally got it going and were able to safely anchor under power.

Saturday and Sunday were spent relaxing and putting the boat back into some kind of livable order. Celebrated with pancakes and champagne in am on Saturday and enjoyed our last Filet Mignon and wine from Mexico. 

Monday (yesterday) took dingy into town. They have a nice dingy landing and restroom not too far from boat. We did our checking with gendarmerie (customs officer) and posted our bond. This was quite time consuming as there is only one bank and their were a lot of cruisers. The same hurry up and wait attitude. We decided to go to lunch. Ended up at a hotel. Meals offered were too much for us, so tried to ask for sandwich. Couldn't find word in dictionary. Tried to describe sandwich, finally in desperation, said hamburger. She pointed us up the road to snack shop. We had a wonderful hamburger on French type bread. Just because they were approx $6 each didn't matter.

We decided we can afford to spend money of booze and snacks-have plenty of food aboard. That was until we saw prices. $30 for a bottle of rum. Think we will be drinking beer and wine now and that is lesser quantity. This will probably be good for our health.

The marquasan people are beautiful and friendly. Just have a problem with French. Thought I would study on way over, but that and keyboard practice were never even thought of.

Smokey is trying to unclog fuel line today. Will probably be here till next Tuesday, then head to Rangiroa. That is if we get this little problem taken care of.

Hope all of u are doing fine.

Personal to Bill Caugran (Daydream 11) and Henry (Eos) Wind vane acted fine after putting shorter pendulum shaft. We still need a new latch assembly as it is busted, but Smokey jury rigged. Didn't need emergency tiller, that part works fine.

Henry, believe it or not, think they have steak here. Might still have steak next Saturday. Anyone taking up slack for us? Know Bill is helping u a lot, but is he serving u steak? Ha Ha

The last we heard from Midge and Rex think they were 200 miles from Hawaii. Haven't listened to Net since arrival here, but might tonight.
God Bless and love to ya'll
Sonia and Smokey (Mom and Dad to Cathy, Dave and Kevin)