From: kc7mar
Sent: Sunday, March 31, 2002 07:29 PM

Subject: Getting ready to leave

OK guys, this is it. We can't personalize this for everyone, sorry, but we love all of you and want you to think of us. First of all, happy Easter to everyone. We will be departing Puerto Vallarta on Tuesday, April 2nd, heading for Nuku HIva in the Marqueseas Islands, which is part of French Polynesia. Expect a 23 day trip, give or take, mostly give. 

We have been following the reports from some of the boats that have left in the last 3 weeks and so far the sailing sounds wonderful. Beam winds of 10 to 15 knots and 3 to 4 foot seas. Absolutely perfect conditions. We only hope that there is some left over for us. 

Anyway, if you are so inclined, there is a website that you can look at on the internet and see our track for the last 30 days. We will be checking into a ham net called the Pacific Seafarers Net where they will take our position and post it on the website. The website address is: Although I have not looked at it, I am pretty sure that you will have to key on my ham call sign which is: KC7MAR. That is the only unique thing that we hams cruisers have out here that can positively identify us. If it doesn't work, which I seriously doubt, let me know by e-mail what information you need to find us. 

For those of you who may not know, our e-mail address while cruising in the middle of the ocean  Please no jokes or attachments as I am only allowed 30 minutes of connect time per day. Anyway, keep us in your prayers and thoughts, and we will be sending an e-mail once or twice a week to let you know if we are having fun. For you Phillip, we will try to contact you Tuesday afternoon at 0000 UTC. If we can't get through or unable to make the contact, we will try again on Friday the 5th at 0000UTC on 14.307mhz as usual. Any of you other guys out there who are hams please join us. 

Bye for now, God bless and wish us fair winds and following seas. 

Love, Sonia and Smokey