Congress of the United States of America
House of Representatives

October 31, l995

Mr. Richard Ketter
1344 NE McWilliams Rd
Bremerton, WA 98311-3114

Dear Mr. Ketter:

Thank you for writing to me about the problems caused by your injury and subsequent inability to work. Your story is a sad one which I sincerely hope will eventually be resolved happily.

I am sorry that your appeals, with the assistance of my staff, have not turned out satisfactorily to you. Throughout my tenure in Congress, I have enjoyed the opportunity of interceding on behalf of 6th District residents when a federal agency has made an error, or has been slow to take action on an important matter. Often we are able to solve problems merely by bringing together both parties in a dispute. In your case, I regret, the OWCP has not given you the resolution that you have sought, and I know how frustrating this has been for you and for your family. You have my concern and compassion, particularly because of the additional financial difficulties that have affected your family since the OWCP dispute. Unfortunately it does not appear that I was able to persuade the agency to accept your remedy, and at this point I believe you should consider future actions which are in the best interests of your entire family.

Best of luck to you and to your family,


Member of Congress