Message from Kathy Czako, Bob's sister and donor

From: Kathy de Haan-Czako
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 1997 12:21 PM
Subject: My brother Bob...
Hello everyone...
My name is Kathy Czako, Bob Czako's sister [and donor]. I wrote to you last week when Bob dictated a short post to you. And as you probably already know, Bob died early Sunday morning. We will all miss him very very much...
I wanted to personally thank you for all for your support and love for him. He was happy that people enjoyed his stories and humor. I was lucky enough to grow up with him and experience his humor and philosophy every day. Well, I have to admit there were times I didn't feel lucky, like the day he ripped the head off my Ken doll and it couldn't be fixed... I don't think I liked him much at that particular moment... but then.. we grew up and became great friends.
I really hope that his stories continue to encourage people and bring smiles to faces everywhere for a long time. He was truly the most amazing person I have ever met.
Thank you again,
Kathy Czako
PS.. A special thanks to Bob's wife Cathy, who was always supportive, loving, caring and always knew how to handle a lot of bureaucracy! Forever your sister-in-law, Cath...

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