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Bob Czako was well known on the BMT-TALK mailing list for his hilarious stories about dealing his cancer and his treatment. Often these stories were written late at night while under the influence - the influence of prednisone. Those who have experienced cancer personally or have a close loved one who has cancer may well better appreciate the humor in these stories. Some of his humor might also be termed bathroom humor and might offend some people.

 We highly recommend that you consider that if your reaction to these stories is similar to ours, that you may suddenly burst out with loud maniacal laughter or start rolling on the floor laughing. This may be an embarrassing or worse problem for some people. In other words, if you are supposed to be hard at work and your boss is nearby, you may want to read these stories at another time when he or she is not so close by. Also do not read these stories while eating or drinking anything. We can not be held responsible for food being passed through your nose or your favorite beverage being spat all over your keyboard or monitor.


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