Things That Suck - they automatically debited my credit card at the end of the year without notice and make it difficult to cancel.

I found several complaints throughout the internet. The following  are two samples:

", an interactive greeting-card site, does not provide any information on its Web site about how to cancel the service. Finally, to pull the plug, I sent an e-mail request--and promptly received a reply telling me that I'd have to call to cancel. When I did call, I had to listen to a representative plead with me to stay.

Another annoying aspect of the's cancellation process was that I continued to receive commercial e-mail messages from the service after canceling. And when I tried to unsubscribe from receiving further e-mail, the unsubscribe link on the customer service page failed to function properly on several occasions."

"Blue Mountain is intrusive of my computer

I joined Blue Mountain two years ago. Blue Mountain creates all kinds of ecards, for birthdays, holidays, etc.

Unbeknownst to me, they automatically debited my credit card at the end of the year without notice. I only found out about it when I received my credit card statement.

Just now I tried to send a card and my computer kept getting pop ups . Apparently it would knock me off line because I have pop ups blocked. Most importantly, when I tried to cancel my credit card, or delete the credit card information so I would not get billed again, they would not let me. Also there is no place to cancel your account with Blue Mountain."

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